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Aviation, national defense

Coordinate measuring technology is the core of modern geometry measurement technology. It is the importmant symbol to measure the levels of precision manufacturing and measurement of a country.  With the development of industrial, advanced digital technology has been widely applied to all aspects of the aerospace, national defense industry.

Automobile manufacture industry

In different areas of the car production, application throughout the course of the automobile research and dvelopment, the different types of CMM plays important roles in its every link, Now take case artifacts and thin walled workpiece as an example to discusses the main application of measuring machine .

Mold, fixture industry

Three coordinate measuring machine has quite widespread application in the mould industry, it is not only  a intelligent tool to combine design, development, testing and statistical analysis of the modern, but also an effective tool to guarantee the quality of mould.

Precision processing

Three coordinate measuring machine become an important means of design, development, manufacture and quality assurance in the modern manufacturing, especially the precision parts  according to its high precision flexible and excellent digital capability.

The story of NANO(XI’AN) Metrology startsfrom 2006 in XI’AN city, which is a company integrated  with research, production and service with 50million RMB registering capital. We are the supplier who is specialized in the development of measurement technology, CMMproduction and sales. Depending on advanced R&D technology and precisemanufacturing techniques, the company provides measuring and testing solutionfor such fields as aerospace, automobile manufacture, mold, ship and militaryindustry. We are located in Xi’an National CivilAerospace Base with a total area of more than 3000 square meters,and high standards of constant temperature (20 ± 0.5℃) workshop guaranteesaccuracy and stability of the products.Our company follows the ISO9001 system to ensure the effectiveness, innovation and practice.

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